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Roger Jacobs

MusicianSongwriter   |   Blues, Jazz, SlackKey, Hawaiian, Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Electronic, Funk, R&B, Soul, Latin, World

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About Roger Jacobs

A lifetime musician on keyboards, guitars and percussion. Best suited as accompanist on guitar or bass. Less charts, more by ear. Musical roots are West Coast Blues/Rock/Funk. Attended the BSM "School of the Road". Living in Hawaii for over 20 years contributes an island feel and some developing slack key abilities. Most fun is to play bass for a dance band or electric guitar for a blues rock or country...
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Music Samples
  • Stratified Call & Response Riffing with Kevin, Conrad & Edd


Baritone guitar soliloquy accompanying a few photos of Kaua'i

A few bars of Gb minor Stratocaster soloing

Cruising Down the Rhodes - Electric Piano & Marimba

Dulcimer Trance Dance - Samplers & Keyboard Dulcimer

Bass for Powerhound with Tony Lehoven, Rick Avalon, Eddie Sitzler

Artistic License Artistic License (Instrumentalist)
Pacific Sound Machine Pacific Sound Machine (Instrumentalist)
Candice & Co. Candice & Co. (Instrumentalist)